As crowd actualizing a more trusting world will take a titanic mindset shift from “For me” to “For us” maximization, let’s take one tiny step at a time — by first pooling our (innate) gifts to crowd actualize this book experiment. Strangers anywhere are MOST welcome.

I believe everyone is born with innate gifts and a life purpose. To find yours, embark on self-discoveries beyond being self-aware. In essence, self-actualization is about empowering each other to be our best for everyone’s benefit and you may have to unlearn to relearn what makes you YOU!

Because everyone’s different, there is no one formula.

Since this journey is of enlightenment, it never ends. We are all students and masters here. Really knowing someone deep down, including ourselves, is not something we learn in school, taking a course, reading a book or from copying anyone.

True mastery is about mastering oneself, not about mastering others

Because everyone can teach us something we do not know, learning from everyone will take our entire being to do — with our mind, eyes, ears and most of all, our heart as we open ourselves to true understanding. We do not let our race, age, language, gender, religion or other differences get in the way.

With this small experiment, our focus is not on generating revenue but on empowering co-actualizers to be our best for everyone’s benefit.

We hope to facilitate your unlearning to relearn your innate gifts as writers, researchers, editors, designers, awareness generators, developers, etc.

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