Instead of competing, we use our innate gifts to empower, engage, collaborate and build trust. As this experiment is about a different way of thinking, doing and sharing, guidelines will evolve. Everything is work in progress.  Until developers come along, we will initially use available social media platforms and Facebook (so far).

Updates will be provided there initially.

To build trust and to demonstrate we’re much more than money making machines, key drivers self-actualize by doing as they take responsibility for actualizing this book at their best for everyone’s benefit.

Very broad initial guidelines for this crowd driven social experiment

  • We create opportunities for the crowd to participate by discovering and pooling innate gifts to make this book happen.
  • Anticipated costs may include third party charges (e.g. platform/hosting fees, initial videos, tax, etc).
  • Net revenue will be equally shared with all key drivers.
  • Key drivers agree to share their revenue with at least two co-creators who have best empowered them.  (Currently looking for 10 other key drivers but open to having more).
  • All transactions will be openly shared.
  • Apart from calls for assistance with research, all agree work in progress manuscript will be done offline and solely for this experiment to build trust amongst strangers.
  • Potential key drivers use available social media platforms to garner likes for their creations (see below).  
  • There will be a crowdfunding campaign and in due course, all will help to generate awareness of that.

In the event of deadlocks as we dip our toes into this social experiment, I will make the final decision as originator, catalyst and the abundance guide.  (Same goes for social experiments other people start and spearhead. Especially during the first few years)

Participation in this social experiment means you agree with the terms stated.

There are EIGHT chapters: I will write THREE* and eventually provide broad guidelines for the remaining FIVE to be built upon:


  1.  Age of Stupid*
  2.  The “For profits/For me” maximization culture  (Anticipated to be the biggest chapter) 
  3.  Systemic shifts afoot
  4.  What is success in the 21st century?
  5.  Towards a more authentic world
  6.  Social movements and experiments
  7.  Future of work: A “For us” maximization (systemic) experiment*  (About this social experiment)

“For us” maximizers, check out how you can participate.

Potential key drivers, email selfdiscovery(at) by target deadlines.
Suggestions for more key drivers (by mid April 2016) and everything else to together(at)

Include brief background Enclose your creation Target deadlines (2016) Number
Launch buzz generators Help spread news of this social experiment on any available social media platforms.  Add an image with a key message about this in your social media profile during the entire duration of this experiment. Be creative. Most of all, be You sharing why you support “For us” maximization.   Jul 15 2
Editing Edit content in Who in your own style. Jun 30, 2016 1
Cover design Develop design(s) based on your own interpretation of the key message here.   Jun 30, 2016 1
Buzz generators Using a form you prefer (e.g. video/photo/article/poster/jingle/etc), express key message here as it resonates with you. Please  indicate the form in your email subject Oct 31, 2016 2

Potential key CrowdPowerers, email selfdiscovery <at> by target deadlines.  

Suggestions for more key CrowdPowerers (by end April 2016) and everything else to together <at>


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